How can you recreate your Pooja Room?

How can you recreate your Pooja Room?

Pooja room is a place of worship and meditation. It is the most important area of every Indian home. Pooja room must be different and beautiful from other parts of the home. It must be decorated with pictures, statues, and other items related to God that bring happiness, harmony, and positivity. Pooja room should not be too big or too small. It should have enough space for seating and also for performing pooja rituals. Pooja room should be spacious enough to accommodate all the necessary items like flowers, incense, lamps, etc. Peaceful temple decoration makes the worshipper feel calm and peaceful. There are different types of mandirs in India, from the traditional wooden mandir to the modern stone mandir you can also buy temple online. Here we are going to describe how you can recreate your Pooja Room.


To create this environment, you can use beautiful firefly string lights or calming strip lights that give warmth and light. A chandelier is a decorative piece of furniture that hangs from the ceiling. It is usually made of metal, glass, or crystal. Chandeliers are typically used in formal rooms like dining rooms and living rooms. The lighting from a chandelier can make the room look more glamorous and improve the general mood of the people in it. People love to use these decorative lights because they suit all kinds of home temples with their different styles and designs.


The floor decoration is also an important part of poojaghar decoration. People create flowers and color Rangoli but it is not permanent. They are not like the floors in the mandir which are made of beautifully designed marble and granite. We cannot ignore the fact that the floor is the first thing that we see when we enter a temple. A permanent floor design would be a good idea if you want to use it for other purposes too. But, if you want to use it just for worshiping purposes, then you can go for small decorated rugs that go with the devotional touch

Back wall

The backdrop is an important area to decorate your mandir as it changes the whole feel. It can be decorated with permanent wallpapers, paintings, and other such things. You can also use some temporary or removable decorations like curtains, fabric banners, or even artificial plants. You can also paint the walls in a different color for a refreshing change. The back wall of the mandir is decorated with the Ohm symbol and Satvik symbols. These symbols are used to bring peace and prosperity to the mandir.

You can use any of these tips to modify the feel of your Pooja room:

1) Place a picture or statue of Gods in your Pooja room

2) Add some fresh flowers, incense sticks, sandalwood paste, kumkum powder, and other items that please you

3) Use natural colors like white and light green on the walls or flooring

4) Use soft lighting

5) Include fragrant flowers like jasmine

6) Place some fresh fruit on an altar

A Pooja room is a perfect place to bring in the feel of your favorite deity and feel the presence of divinity. It is also a space for you to be close to your loved ones. So decorate it the best way you can.

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