Perfect Pooja Ghar for your home

Perfect Pooja Ghar for your home

A perfect Pooja Ghar is the foundation of a home. Pooja Ghar brings positivity, happiness, and also beauty to your house. If you choose your mandir according to your home interior and space it would work the best for your house decoration.

Key points while buying Pooja Ghar for home

  • Choose the design according to space: Mandir should be a space containing a bit of privacy where one can easily concentrate. If you don’t have a separate Pooja room or space for Pooja room you can decorate a calm area or wall of your home with wall Pooja Ghar. The space of your Pooja Ghar must be according to your interior it should not be very small or big accordingly.
  • Expense: As it is one of the most valuable parts of your house you must be prepared with a good budget for it not only for the readymade Pooja room but if you are buying a small mandir or decorating a Pooja wall. Check your budget if it is possible to buy all the essentials from traditional statues, to decorative and all the paraphernalia.

Space for essentials

When planning to buy a mandir, ensure that there is proper storage for all the related essentials in or near the mandir. Doesn’t matter whether you are having small or big space for the mandir but it must be clean and beautiful. You can decide your storage area according to your mandir design. If the mandir is open and floor-based, you can use it with an attached cupboard to keep essentials within it.

If the mandir is wall mounted then there are lots of fancies, acrylic, ethnic, etc. readymade cupboard designs available in different materials. You can choose the design that goes well with your interior. 

If the mandir is wooden you can use the same material for cupboards to make it appear interesting and good-looking. You can also use an open storage space such as shelves with decorative boxes to keep essentials in it. Free-standing Pooja units or Pooja shelf decorative boxes are the best options to keep essentials.

If you have a giant wooden mandir you can use traditional wooden drawers with modish Handles. You can also go for a modified open storage space with contrasting colors. There are countless options you can use for essential space attached to or near your mandir area.

The special thing I would like to mention is that the cupboards or the area you are keeping to place your essentials must be designed according to your mandir and price must be according to your pocket for that you can visit many websites. 

Some fascinating ideas to decorate your Pooja Ghar

  • Prayers and the Pooja Ghar both come with a traditional feeling so it is a good idea if you for some traditional design. You can go for the rusty wooden home temple with old-fashioned metallic handles, and a heavy mounted top. Establish a heavy metallic ideal statue in it and finish with decorative lamps.
  • Suppose you are planning a Pooja mandir for home that goes well with a stylish and sophisticated interior then you can go for white marble Pooja unit. White marble is one of the heaviest and very beautiful materials that is used for temple interiors. Not so expensive but also very rich looking material you can use marble shelf area with it to keep all your requirements within it. Flower and petal decoration with proper lighting will give an excellent finish to it.
  • You can also add backlights to give a rich look to your mandir space. Proper lighting and ethnic decoration like flowers, leaves, shanks, and crafted pitchers can add great decoration and positivity volume to the mandir interior so far.
  • Now, talking about the best decoration possible you should go truly traditional for it. Decorate your Pooja room with handwritten calligraphy, you can write the Sanskrit mantra or any shloka from the religious base on the back wall of your mandir. Shloka creates a positive and spiritual aura. Use decorated walls or tiles painted with photos of gods and goddesses and other religious symbols such as the swastika, Om, Lotus, pitchers, sun, moon, etc. 

You can also visit mandir and Pooja Ghar stores to fulfill all your mandir requirements to get the mandir that is made to bring positivity and happiness to your home.

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