How to decorate Pooja mandapam for Home?

How to decorate Pooja mandapam for Home

The mandapam or temple is an essential part of houses in India. It carries a godly sense for the family and preserves the relation with our generations-old ethos. Decorating the Pooja mandapam for home is a divine thing to do. Generally, people go for the traditional theme to decorate the home temple. But what if the interiors in your home are modern? Then this article is for the people like you, here we are giving some exclusive ideas to decorate your home temple. Ideas that are new and effervescent and go so well for modern interiors. If you are looking for ideas that how to beautify a home temple in a way that its traditional theme would match the modern vibes of your home then the following is the solution.

Fresh Flowers and Petals decoration

Temple decoration with flowers and petals gives instant elevation to the look of the temple and carries an aura of purity. Decorate your home temple with some garlands of fresh flowers and leaves you can also try plant decoration on the outer ends of your temple to give a complete look. The oil lamps adjourned from the ceiling on the sides would add, modern yet ethnic touch to it. You can also beautify the temple with some artificial flowers, petals, and garlands.

Marble to add a Peaceful feel To Your pooja Home Temple

If you want to renovate the traditional temple decoration of your home you can add a marble temple home with a modern touch, you will surely fall in love with it. A marble temple designed with some backlights adds a great modern touch to your home. Lights will add luxury to your temple and will give your temple a beautiful look. The hanging oil lamps also give a great ethnic look. A white marble temple with a decent look is a great choice for a temple.

Handcrafted wooden temple for Home Temple 

Wood is considered the most appropriate material for a home temple. It adds elegance to the home interiors. You can decorate your wooden home temple with a beautiful door having jali work and other detailed and decorative features, pillars designed in the outer area will add a real-time feel to it. You can also add multiple storages to it to organize all related essentials. A wooden temple goes with both modern and traditional homes. 

Open Temple or Garden Area temple

The open time is not just something modern but it’s unique and royal too. The open time is not just a Pooja unit it is an aura that attracts all the eyes watching. This idea of temple decoration is for the people who imagine adding unusual features to their interiors. One can decorate the home temple in the center of their indoor garden, this way you can turn your prayer area into a small haven. You can go with some indoor grass, potted plants, and bonsai to bring a decoration touch into the space. Beautiful wall hangings and ornamental lights behind the statues add great definition to your garden temple. 

A sweet and simple Home Temple for Small Place

Talking about urban apartments with small spaces it is tough to have a separate room for a home temple. So for this, you can decorate any north or west-facing wall of your living area as a peaceful home temple. You can paint the wall of your puja space in a calming color and can also opt for wooden framing or can hang a small beautiful wooden temple on the wall with suitable color and finishing. You can also fix a shelf or a wooden cabinet to place your idol and hang some floating lamps or bells on its side. These sweet and simple temple decoration ideas are best suitable for compressed spaces and for owners that are miniature lovers.

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