Wondering how to decorate your home temple?

Wondering how to decorate your home temple

These ideas invite a positive aura into your home.

The mandir or home temple is a crucial part of most Indian households. It brings a divine vibe to your home and retains the legacy of our rich and generations-old culture. When it comes to decorating the home temple, we usually opt for traditional elements. But sometimes, this could clash with modern home interiors. So, we came up with some unique home temple decor ideas that are fresh and vibrant yet blend seamlessly with modern home interior design. If you’re a young urban homeowner looking for ideas on how to decorate a home temple in a way that is traditional yet matches modern design sensibilities, this blog will answer all your questions.

Decorate Your Home Temple With Fresh Flowers And Plants

Fresh flowers instantly elevate the look of your home temple and bring a splash of vibrance. Decorate your home temple with some garlands of fresh flowers and leaves to infuse a divine aura. You could also place potted plants on either side of your temple to complete the look. We have used white marble on this temple’s wall and illuminated it with some backlights. The oil lamps suspended from the ceiling on either side add a traditional yet unique touch. If getting fresh flowers daily is challenging, you can also decorate the temple with artificial flower torans and garlands. These look quite natural and save you from changing them every day.

  • Torans are a great way to decorate the home temple

Marble Lends A Serene Touch To Your Beautiful Home Temple

If you want to stick with traditional temple decor yet want ideas on how to decorate a marble temple at home with a modern touch, you will fall in love with this design. This home temple is designed with white marble all over it. We have included some backlights and spotlights as a modern addition. They highlight the luxurious marble and give the home temple a beautiful soft glow. The four hanging oil lamps also give a unique traditional look. A round rug and some poufs on the floor make it a comfortable space for elderly family members while adding a modern touch. 

  • A marble home temple with a clean and elegant look

Intricate Woodwork Introduces Warmth To Your Home Temple 

Wood brings a lot of warmth and understated elegance to home interiors. And if you love intricate jali work, this home temple decoration idea will be perfect for you. We decorated this home temple with a door that features detailed and ornate carvings, while the walls are designed with white marble. The temple also has multiple storage solutions to arrange pooja essentials in a clutter-free manner. The temple fits in seamlessly in a modern living room, making it a perfect design idea for compact urban apartments. 

  • An elegant and intricately designed temple door

Turn Your Home Temple Into A Meditation Room For Yourself

You can also make your home temple into a meditation room, where you can spend some time with yourself and rejuvenate your mind. The white stone cladding wall brings a subtle edge to the design, while the grey stone cladding highlights this modern home temple beautifully. The spotlight above the Budhha statue lends a warm tone to the space. We have added a side cabinet with multiple drawers where you can store items like mats, cushions, and prayer essentials. The indoor plants and white pebbles are great natural decor elements that lend freshness and positive vibes.

  • Rejuvenate your body and mind in this home temple

How To Decorate A Home Temple In Your Indoor Garden Area

Looking for something unique that will catch the attention of your guests instantly? This home temple decoration idea is for those homeowners who love to add unconventional elements to their home interiors. You can set your home temple in the middle of a small indoor garden, turning your prayer area into a small retreat. Decorate it with some indoor grass, potted plants, and bonsai to bring greenery into the space. The wall paneling with decorative backlights behind the idol draws attention to the home temple and adds definition. If natural grass is difficult to maintain, you can also opt for a turfgrass carpet.

  • Turn your home temple into an indoor garden

A Minimalistic Home Temple For Small Spaces

With apartments getting cramped, having a separate room for a home temple is not always possible. In that case, you can turn any portion of a wall in your living into a serene home temple. Paint the wall of your puja space in a Vaastu-approved color and highlight it with wood paneling that acts as a beautiful frame. Install a ledge or a wall-mounted cabinet to place your idol and hang some floating lamps or bells on either side. The cabinet here features open and closed storage options to keep puja essentials in a clutter-free manner. This simple home temple design idea is perfect for compact spaces and those who love minimalistic design.

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